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What Is Special about Our Tours

CJETT helps you to find the “real Japan.”
Unlike other travel agents who offer tours to visit famous tourist locations, CJETT offers our customers an opportunity to experience the true heart of Japanese people. By listening to the words of craftsmen who manufacture products and by admiring their artistic creations, you will learn how their artwork has been enjoyed by countless individuals.
CJETT knows everything about central Japan. Utilizing the connections we have built over the years, we provide a unique travel experience no other tour company can provide.

Takayama Experience

Authentic Japan

Authentic Japan

Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea. It is one of the countries with the most natural resources in the world with two-third of its land covered with forests. Countless generations of Japanese have been living here for thousands of years, happily connected to the earth.
In an environment of slowly changing seasons and scenery and customs unique to each region, tangible and intangible assets have shaped our country.
Located between Tokyo and Osaka, Central Japan Experts, Travel and Trading (CJETT) offers trips to rediscover Japan that even Japanese people enjoy.

Japanese Artisans and Craftspersons

Japanese Crafspersonship / Japanese Artisans and Craftspersons

Craftsperson symbolizes Japan's manufacturing industry. They are a walking encyclopedia full of ancient wisdom.
CJETT will help you visit craftspersons and understand their thought through their stories.

Must Visit Places in Japan

No one can truly describe the beauty of Japan’s landscapes with mere words. High-rise buildings create skyscrapers in modern cities. People rush from one place to another in the noisy hustle and bustle. Temples and shrines still maintain their peaceful presence in the midst of all this. Once outside large cities, townships with scenes of everyday life emerge. There are rural areas where people live in harmony with nature, mountain ranges which change their appearance according to each season, rivers which are the source of people’s livelihoods and fertilize the fields, bodies of water which are sometimes rough but other times gentle to calm our emotions and houses which quietly sit among these scenes. These scenes welcome visitors.
Come and see these landscapes that generations of Japanese people have treasured. CJETT will be your expert guides.

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